Monday, January 26, 2009

You're A Freakin' Saint Awready

Lady Mazuma

'Humility, I haz it.'

Driftglass runs the voodoo down.



Unknown said...

OMFG...this is priceless Dark Black!!!

Applause!!!!! ;)

darkblack said...

Thank you, Dusty.

The Governor was somewhat reticent about donning a Ghandi suit this morning.


Unknown said...

This is my Photo of the Day at Sirens Chronicles DB. ;)

A Ghandi one would also be hysterical...or MLK perhaps? ;p

Comrade Kevin said...

Keep tryin', Blogo.

Tengrain said...

I'm gonna say three Hail Marys and one Our Father for laughing at this, and I'm not even Catholic.



Utah Savage said...

You're one flashy genius.

Didn't he compare himself to every beloved and sainted martyr that ever lived. He's doing the tour of the beloved from past history. These are his witnesses.

darkblack said...

Philosophically, he may have quite the way to go yet, CK.


A Tengrain confession? You read it here first, dear viewers.


'Flashy genius'? You hit me and it felt like a kiss, Utah.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

That's a thing of beauty, my friend.

Dr. Know said...

Naturally, leaving the door wide open for MLK and Ghandi Photochop jobs. Are there any other spiritual leaders he sullied the reputations of?

And lest we forget Rodeo Rod, The Fugitive, Bonanza Blogojevich, The Sad Clown and... Hey, you guys know 'em better than I. Get chopping - there's satire in them thar hills.

And here I was, thinking that Georgian's elected the biggest clowns in the nation.