Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awesome Preznitcy, Dude

Awesome Preznitcy, Dude

...way gnarly.


New Memes In Old Bottles 16 - Komedy al Fiasco

Vot's Der Freakwency, Limbaugh?

Once again, radio comedian (and by 'comedian', I mean unintentionally funny) and sex-touring Viagra enthusiast Rush Limbaugh has reached deep into his bag of slightly damp and spotted gags and come up with a real side-splitter deluxe.

'Batman is Romney'.

While I'm sure Riddler and the Joker will now be awaiting their invitation to do battle over at stately Bain manor, the truth, as with so many other things that elude Rush on a moment to moment logic, verbal clarity, erections not involving even more shocking.

...from 2009.


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

New Memes In Old Bottles 15: Blind Pig Finds Corn Nugget

Do It Live

MMA: Bill O'Reilly Apologizes For Incorrect Prediction About Health Care Ruling

"And the award for least heartfelt and most insincere apology goes to..."
Of course, I'm sure you're all as surprised as I that Mister 'Tide comes in, Dirt goes out, can't explain it, duh' ( a stance remarkably similar to the Texas GOP's war on children's brains) even bothered to mouth the word 'sorry' - the self-identification as minor buffoon was a nice bit of unintended irony, however. Very European stylish-like.

Salud, Bill-O!