Monday, August 31, 2009

Falling From Crass

Dick R Us

C & L: Cheney: Torture investigation 'offended the hell out of me'

Cheney: "I guess the other thing that offends the hell out of me, frankly, Chris, is we had a track record now of eight years of defending the nation against any further mass casualty attacks from Al Qaeda."

Merely a passing thought, but it occurs to me that the above statement is similar to an habitual drunk driver who caused a multiple-fatality accident proudly declaiming their eighth year of sobriety.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Overnight

For Elspeth.

Louis Armstrong, with Kid Ory, Charlie Beal, Barney Bigard, Bud Scott and Red Callender, Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans, 1947.

Thelonious Monk, with Oscar Pettiford and Kenny Clarke, It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), 1955.

Charles 'Yardbird' Parker, with Miles Davis , Duke Jordan, Tommy Potter, and Max Roach, My Old Flame, 1947.

Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, with Trummy Young, Barney Bigard, Mort Herbert, and Danny Barcelona, Mood Indigo, 1961.

What? Me Torture?

What? Me Torture?

Friday, August 28, 2009

You don't go to the carny to see a flower show...

Beckazoid come to see the freaks.


An advertising boycott against Fox News host Glenn Beck has succeeded in keeping most major sponsors from running commercials on his show even as the controversial commentator's viewership has grown.

Beck attracted 2.81 million viewers Monday, his third-largest audience since his show launched on Fox News in January, according to Nielsen Media Research data provided by the network. On Tuesday, nearly 2.7 million viewers tuned in, his fifth-largest viewership to date. And the conservative host got a plug from former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who urged people to watch his program in a post on her Facebook page.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Return To Forever, Sorcerer, 1976.

Joe Walsh, Inner Tube/Theme From Boat Weirdos, 1978.

Dixie Dregs, The Bash, 1978.

Weather Report, Teen Town, 1978.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Didn't Say It, Oh No

ZZ Top, Vincent Price Blues, 1996.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scheme

My Favorite Marxist

From the 'Oh, of course you do' files of Think Progress:

...Matthews then asked Tom DeLay whether he is a birther. The former House Majority Leader mistakenly said that he would like to see the President’s “gift certificate” and asked Matthews to personally ask Obama for it. He also compared Obama to “illegal aliens”:

DELAY: Well, I’d like the President to produce his birth certificate. I can. Most illegal aliens here in America can. Why can’t the President of the United States produce their birth certificate? [...]

Chris, will you do me a favor? Will you ask the President to show me his gift certificate — I mean, his — gift certificate — his birth certificate?

Tom DeLay never saw some cheap heat generated that he didn't want to have sinful relations with, but he's a little slow off the blocks when it comes to glib repartee...That's what pesticides will do to a man, kids - so stay off them, and stay in school.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Message In A Barrel

Ronbo 2


PHOENIX, Arizona (CNN) -- A man toting an assault rifle was among a dozen protesters carrying weapons while demonstrating outside President Obama's speech to veterans on Monday, but no laws were broken.
It was the second instance in recent days in which weapons have been seen near presidential events.

I'm sure it doesn't elude anyone's recent memory (save conveniently perhaps, for some humanoids) that such an exhibition performed around the immediate environs of former President Bush or former vice-President Cheney would have had consequences ranging from a free ride in a police car to a federal building...all the way to a one-way trip with lodgings in overseas detention or 'suicide by cop', the primary (but not penultimate) factors in such extremity having to do with skin color and ideology.

This is not cute, or macho. This is not flaunting one's rights at a nemesis who might abscond with them, given an opportunity. These are unveiled threats that are being pushed toward mainstream acceptability, with the potential for a highly unpleasant denouement.

How many more public figures can you afford to lose before you learn, America?

I Can't Hear You

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Lenny Breau, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, 1969.

Allan Holdsworth, with Jimmy Johnson and Chad Wackerman, Tokyo Dream, 1984.

Joe Diorio & Pat Metheny, Insensatez (How Insensitive), 1990.

George Van Eps, I've Got A Crush On You, 1979.

Over A Long Time Ago

Over A Long Time Ago

Some might think me a cynic...Far from it. I always thought of myself as an idealist, because that was how I was raised and how I have attempted to conduct myself in life's journey.
From a creative perspective being an idealist has allowed me, among other things a somewhat broad point of contrast for the sorts of rejuxtaposed visualizations that I'm known for dabbling in.

But I have, and mayhap the world has precious little time left for romanticized mythologizations, and the self-deceptions practiced by those for whom ideals have been replaced by unpleasant expediencies that they dare not name for fear of admitting the truth...Some dreams are over.

It's time to put the memories back into the box - at least for another decade.
Some of these reveries, as alluring as they may have been never really existed, and much of what was midwifed into reality (by starry-eyed idealists) was co-opted and sold back to a populace who only wanted to be with it long enough to lift themselves out of quiet suburban desperation, and to belong to something other than a hereditary tribe of drab conformity.

The past cannot change the future, being in the end merely a prologue - Only the now makes a difference in what is to come.

Think now. Dare now. And act now.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Quatorze automnes et quinze étés

Serge Gainsbourg, Ballade de Melody Nelson, 1971.

'Tu étais la condition/Sine qua non/De ma raison.'

Thursday, August 13, 2009

They'll Never Be Another Like You

R.I.P. Lester William Polfuss, a/k/a Les Paul.

So much of what we actualize and perform as modern musicians had this man to thank for its conception and creation.
Thus, as I never got the chance to say it in person, I will say it here.

Thank you for making what I enjoy possible, Mr. Paul.

Via con Dios

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

They grow up so fast

Big Boy

Rush Limbaugh, via Joan Walsh:

"...We get tarred and feathered as Nazis because we don't just bend over and grab the ankles and let you guys ram whatever down our throats that you want."

I'll spare my gentler audience a visual depiction of this...but those with a rarer taste are free to bid on one privately, of course.


Monday, August 03, 2009

War Of The O'ses

War Of The O'ses

Glenn Greenwald - Salon:

Does anyone need it explained to them why it is so dangerous and destructive to have our political debates controlled by GE executives, sitting in their offices censoring the journalism of our leading media outlets in the name of "civility," code for: you will respect those who can harm us?
Our entire political culture is already designed to ensure corporate control of our political institutions. Their lobbyists literally write the laws enacted by Congress and control their implementation. The reason the journalism industry insisted for so long on the ludicrous fiction that corporate parents never violated the sanctity of journalistic independence is precisely because everyone understood why that would be so dangerous.
Apparently, they no longer feel a need to maintain that fiction.

It's not that we didn't see it coming. Absorption of an inconveniently independent media as a means of controlling the message is a strategy as old as the hills, irrespective of the ideology espoused.

Right-wing eradication (including such acts performed under the Clinton administrations) of laws covering media ownership and a contrasted balance of viewpoints merely hastened an inevitable process in America...The shaping of public perceptions into a form congruent with corporate dictates, the replacement of objective truth with subjective nuance, and the marginalization of contrary information.

Now, what can be done about it?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Overnight

1915 - 2009

Al Bowly with the Ray Noble Orchestra, It's All Forgotten Now, 1934.

Vernon Dalhart, There's a New Star in Heaven To-Night, 1926.

The Ink Spots, Bless You For Being An Angel, 1940.

Bing Crosby, Swinging On a Star.

Via con Dios, Abuela


Everything Is True, No Thinking Is Permitted

I fought their "anal probe", my friends...

Raw Story:

TV host Glenn Beck has a theory about the real reason the US government launched the “cash-for-clunkers” program: It’s a secret conspiracy to take control of your computer.

It used to be that, in the Right wing propaganda spearpoint game, a seemly number of days or weeks would pass between eruptions of incoherency, giving the overtaxed cortexes of the subscribing demographic clinging to every word with raggedly masticated fingernails a chance at repeating the falsehoods to themselves and their cohorts enough so that a belief unshakable by inconvenient facts could be established.

But now it seems that, as in so many other entertainment occupations requiring regular beast feeding, an increasing tempo of providing specially tailored crackpot product to satiate the 'imaginary playfriends' crowd has been deemed imperative.
This of course is no doubt due to ratings - after all, you don't get to be the network choice of birthers, flat earthers and other lower berthers by sticking to reruns of daytime soaps and the Teatime Movie.

It would be one thing if elements of relevant truth were attached to these incendiary prevarications...After all, one of the elements within the successful Big Lie is to incorporate just enough factual data to infer plausibility upon whopperish screeching to the less easily gulled.
This, of course, is not for the benefit of the 27% of fish head-eating geeks who believe unquestioningly anyone or anything that affirms their prejudices directly - merely the mass of mentally incurious fence sitters who require a stiffer breeze to fill their tattered sails.

Now, however, they (and by 'they' - well, you know who I'm talking about - If you don't, you're one of them) don't even bother. Safe to assume, perhaps, that their contempt for intellect and critical thinking is reaching its apex.


Saturday, August 01, 2009

They all do, eventually

Red Hot Running Mate

...I have this power, you see...


Palin Goes "Dark," Leaves Supporters Wondering

And once you've had dark, nothing else requires a remark.