Thursday, August 06, 2009

Shine On The One That's Gone


Larue said...

Jerry Reed is one of the most talented artists I've ever had pleasure to learn about in my late adult life.

I HATED him for the country jive crap and Breaker, Breaker Broke stuff.

But one I started watching films of him, his hands, hearing his voice, watching him pick with Chet, and other monsters, I realized he was as good if not better than most kats.

His passing in '08 left a hole in me, and the musics. Thanks DB, for spotlighting him. And I'm grininn all to hell thinking you liked him, too . . . *G*

darkblack said...

Mr. Reed has been a favorite since childhood, LaRue - From my father, an inherited appreciation for pickers.
Perhaps Pop should have played a guitar himself, but he viewed the musician's life as one of wanton licentiousness and self-abuse.

Well, maybe it was.