Thursday, August 13, 2009

They'll Never Be Another Like You

R.I.P. Lester William Polfuss, a/k/a Les Paul.

So much of what we actualize and perform as modern musicians had this man to thank for its conception and creation.
Thus, as I never got the chance to say it in person, I will say it here.

Thank you for making what I enjoy possible, Mr. Paul.

Via con Dios


Randal Graves said...

Les Paul made photoshop possible? ;-)

RIP Les. Everyone blare some rock and/or roll today, dammit.

darkblack said...

'Les Paul made photoshop possible?'

Yes, Randal - using some 20 gauge wire, the lens and shutter from a Kodak Brownie, and an old Packard carburetor.


Philip Munger said...

the guy making the cameo singing appearance is none other than Ted Healy, the Three Stooges' producer.

darkblack said...

That's show biz in its interconnected glory, eh PM?
If only popular music today had the verve that creators, performers and side personnel of those times took as a given.

Bring it back, people


Larue said...

Nice send of DB. Les Paul was incredible in what he did. And then there was his music, too. So much TALENT for life in one human . . . what he gave us.

Amen, Mr. Paul, thanks.

Michael Hart said...

Great surmise, Randal, though I think maybe you were joking; multi-track recording, one of Les Paul's greatest insights, had to fire the creative imaginations of software designers who recognized the value of that idea applied to graphic media, and thus we have "layers" in PS and video editing; which as any PS aficianado will tell you,has revolutionized graphic arts.

None of it would have been possible without the Packard carb, though.