Wednesday, April 08, 2015

R.I.P., Stan Freberg, one of the - if not THE - greatest American humorists of the 20th century.

Somewhere in the universe other than Earth, the levels of pure sardonicism have increased exponentially.


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ted Cruz Finds Political Success In Transition (wire photo)


above: macho foreign dignitary Ted Cruz in recent news photo

below: projected appearance of  handsome Theodora Cruz, election day 2016

Ted Cruz, maverick firebrand outsider and ideological weathervane, may be working on a secret hush-hush strategy to outflank his more staid GOP opponents, and peremptorily topple the dreaded Hillary juggernautsunami expected in November of next year on his way to the White House.

Cruz, often cited as a 'overventuresome', 'strongly fixated', and 'quasi-provocative' thinker amongst the Republican intelligentsia in American politics, has been recently rumored to be in talks with leading image consultants, haute couture mavens, and top plastic surgeons in order to formulate a radical re-branding of his personal image, in a bid to secure the hearts of U.S. voters sensitive to modern issues of gender, but undecided on political role models post-Obama.
Cruz was overheard being paraphrased in saying, 'I believe that America has had enough of the front side of my life, and that it's now high time that this great nation saw the back side'.

His wife & children are having their privacy respected at this time, and could not be reached for comment.