Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Overnight

Doc Severinson and Tommy Newsom, In The Court Of The Crimson King, 1970.

Larry Carlton, Only Yesterday, 1979.

The John Coltrane quartet ( McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones) with Art Davis and Archie Shepp, Acknowledgement (Alternate take), 1964.

Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and Barney Bigard, Mood Indigo, 1961.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Steady on, Junior

What Price Fleadom?

Raw Story:

WASHINGTON — Former president George W. Bush scrapped plans to address a summit of young leaders and business executives this weekend because Wikileaks founder Julian Assange would also speak to the group, his office said Friday.

"The former president has no desire to share a forum with a man who has willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States," his spokesman said in a statement.

Far be it from me to contrast the relative amount of '...harm to the interests of the United States' performed by either of these fellows - for that, we have the incomparably succinct emptywheel.

That being said, don't let that nasty Australian barebacker frighten you, Georgy boy - his lusty convict bloodline is no match for your fine breeding. You go on in there with those noted oratorical skills and tell him all about the price of freedom...or oil...or even...


Dirty, mean and mighty unclean

AC/DC, T.N.T., 1975.

'God rest ye, Bon'

Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, that wacky, wacky Keyes!

Wacky Keyes

I cognitively fractured do you have to be to drop a pearl of weapons-grade insipidity such as this?

If that's a wake-up call...well,'ding-a-ling', sweetheart.

Now push that mess elsewheres


My love goes deeper than sin

Johnny Winter, Can't You Feel It, 1973.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Overnight

The Miles Davis quintet, Mood, 1965.

Shorty Rogers and His Giants (Pete Jolly, Jimmy Giuffre, Larry Bunker and Barney Kessel), If I Only Had A Brain, 1959.

Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez and Marty Morell, Very Early, 1969.

Stan Getz with Michel Legrand, Now You're Gone, 1972.

The Thelonious Monk orchestra, Friday The 13th, 1959.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

M-O-O-N, That spells FOX


Apologies for my dilatory contribution to the piled-on swarm of the sentient upon this virtual shanty-dweller - The siren song of RL and all that - but late as it were here I am, and frankly I remain gobstruck that willful pig-ignorance is so easily maintainable in the public as a vote getting stratagem proffered by the cynical toward the gullible, of course.

Now, now, Bill-O - Have you heard that old saw about 'when you're in a hole, quit digging, chucklenut'...? Oh, wait:

"Why the Sun comes up and goes down"...? What a peculiarly medieval mindset this double-stuffed bloviator proffers, and what a charming mirror of his bundle-of-contradictions constituency he remains.

Why a world-renowned physicist would deign to explain remedial 6th grade science - without (snicker*chortle) interruption (guffaw*teehee) - in an environment where long technical explanations delivered via voice synthesizer are as welcome as a Kayne West video - Methinks the deity herself might be challenged to clarify that conundrum in a fashion that even a FOX set of chattering teeth might comprehend without needing a strategically placed drool cup.

That said, no doubt a suitable barber could be found for performing a mild degree of trepanning to 'let the sunshine in'...and the whiskey fumes out.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Overnight

Bill Laswell, Aisha, 1999.

Maceo & All The Kings Men, Maceo, 1970.

Joni Mitchell, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, 1980.

Steely Dan, Your Gold Teeth II, 1975.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Ain't So Tough

The Public Enema

CBS: Rumsfeld Criticizes Condoleezza Rice

Rumsfeld was also critical of Powell's successor, Condoleezza Rice, for her lack of experience in government.

"She'd never served in a senior administration position," he said. "She'd been an academic. And, you know, a lot of academics like to have meetings. And they like to bridge differences and get people all to be happy."

Of course, this isn't the first time that der Donald has shared his smoldering contempt for the touchy-feelie frilly undie-wearing world of foreign policy process - after all, why bother to find a committee-driven consensus toward resolving an international issue when one can just drop a daisy cutter on the problem and build a truck plaza upon the smoking crater, amirite?

Diplomacy is icky girlie stuff, and real manly men don't do such unknown unknowns...No fog of war looming around here, no sir.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan

Why, you don't look a day over 90...In dog years.

That said, a centennial event like this doesn't come along just every century. Why, you'd have to go pretty far back to find a topper for the luckiest pitchman ever.

Allow me to review some of the warmth that I feel for this fellow who put so much glamor and dash into the banality of evil, dear readers.

Ronbo 2

Who Would Ronald Reagan Do?

Bin One For The Chipper

The Beck'ses Cheneyspaw Massacree

Run it's Che, again

In closing, all the best to the Great the torrid climate to which he was doubtless assigned...eternally.


Thursday, February 03, 2011