Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stalking Suffered

Felicitations to my pal Tengrain who was kind enough to link to me, and the good folk at Crooks & Liars...and to YOU, dear reader.

Happy holidays!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last minute gift ideas

Jolly Saint Dick

Jolly Saint Dick knows who's been naughty...and very naughty...and he has detailed, unshredded files in a secure undisclosed location. So be nice, and consume in an orderly fashion until this 'goodwill' craze blows over. Perhaps one would like a board all know the rules.

Just Look At Their Eyes Light Up

Or maybe a writing instrument is in order...those pardons won't jot themselves down.

Sooper Sekrit Signing Statement Pen

For some of us, travel might be just the thing to shed those winter blahs.

What Price Fleadom?

Whatever your pleasure, have a safe, enjoyable Holiday time (where allowed), and remember...

Don't Tase Me Ho Ho Ho