Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Overnight

Thelonious Monk, with Johnny Griffin, Ahmed Abdul-Malik, and Roy Haynes, Light Blue, 1958.

The Charles Lloyd quartet (Keith Jarrett, Ron McClure, Paul Motian), Days And Nights In Waiting, 1969.

Earl Van Dyke and the Soul Brothers featuring James Jamerson, The Flick, 1967.

Oliver Nelson and Eric Dolphy, Ralph's New Blues, 1961.

Billie Holiday, with Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Gerry Mulligan, Vic Dickenson, Roy Eldridge, Doc Cheatham,Danny Barker, Milt Hinton, and Mal Waldron, Fine And Mellow, 1957.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Overnight

Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, Honeysuckle Rose, 1938.

Oran 'Hot Lips' Page, Gone With The Gin, 1940.

Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim , medley: Corcovado / Change Partners / I Concentrate on You / Girl From Ipanema, 1967.

Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, and Rakalam Bob Moses, Omaha Celebration, 1974.

The Hampton Hawes quartet (Harold Land, Scott LaFaro, and Frank Butler), Crazeology, 1958.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Less Than 3/5's Of A Wit

There Will Be Ketchup

So I'm sort of stranded for a couple of days - no 24 hour yakety yak digital blather, somewhat mercifully - but I come back from the frozen wastes, and I read this. Oh, and this.

G'head, if you haven't already - I'll wait.

Regular readers will no doubt already know my warm fuzzies for the hired mouth and his co-tyrants at the FOX sandbox - a more ignorantly paranoid batch of American exceptionalists and crackpot conspirators could not be found outside of an Andrew Breitbart acid flashback, but stating that the 3/5th's clause in the U.S. constitution was a '...step to abolish slavery' flies harder in the face of established fact than Flight 11 into WTC 1.

It's my opinion that no television host with a crack staff of researchers (or for that matter a staff on crack) can be this ill-informed unless a pre-existing mental condition involving serious reality distortion in math skills and history - or a willful, pathological maliciousness - is in effect...But I'll leave the reader to reach their own subjective conclusions about the sort of people who are well paid to disseminate such lies, and just whom those lies may benefit.

And this 'hiding the gun' thing - Oh, Glenn, you should be proud of your little popgun...But since you're so reticent to flaunt it, I've no choice but to give you a free upgrade, as seen above.


Sunday Overnight, day late and a dollar short

Art Pepper and Scott LaFaro with the Marty Paich orchestra, I've Never Been In Love Before, 1959.

The Miles Davis sextet, Milestones, 1958.

Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers, Moanin', 1958.

Gerry Mulligan & Johnny Hodges, Bunny, 1959.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Are you smarter than a 6th grader...?

Do It Live

Not if you're Bill O'Reilly.
No doubt Angry Sky Deity Who Must Be Obeyed has some more madcap trickery up his inscrutable sleeve for the likes of Bill, like the big light up there that moves around us but hides when it's dark, where the boats go when they fall off the edge, or who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Sunday Overnight - Bonne Année 2011

Charles 'Yardbird' Parker, Just Friends, 1949.

Duke Ellington & Louis Armstrong, Azalea, 1961.

Thelonious Monk, Solitude, 1955.

Miles Davis & Gil Evans, Summertime, 1958.

Duke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles Mingus, Fleurette Africaine, 1962.

'To better times ahead'