Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Mule Kicking In Your Stall

Cactus, Evil, 1971.


Cleveland Bob said...

HA! I had that single. Carmine Appice!!

You rawk, db.

Angel Of Mercy said...

I do not have the single...but I SAW THEM perform this volcanic eruption live on stage. Whew! Yeah, Carmine Appice was a very dangerous man behind a drum kit--and his partner in that almighty rhythm section, Tuff Timmy Bogert, took no prisoners, either.

For a standard midwestern boogie band, these guys were just too good to be true. (If you don't believe me, give a listen to "One Way Or Another...")

darkblack said...

Tim and Carmine were a most mighty and underrated rock rhythm section that I was very fortunate to have personal acquaintance and study with, back in the days when your humble scribe had designs on being a somebody. Glad you enjoyed it.