Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Dream Was Now Broken

King Crimson, One More Red Nightmare, 1974.


J said...

Whaaa jazzbo, into some...old progrock?

Red's got some wild muzack on it eh , like the title track. Levin's a great bassplayer ... Crimson's sort of uneven IMHE but when Fripp & Co click live..with the odd meters and so forth rather intense. whoa. The sh*t starts to fly

Cleveland Bob said...

We were always huge Bill Bruford fans.

darkblack said...

All is all, J. Red was a scarlet swansong to a King, and what came after was Discipline. But what discipline!


More than 750 pounds, CB?


Kidding. Mr. Bruford was such a gent to some young musos in a long ago - gave one heart, it did.