Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You Fails It, It Don't Fail You


Leave agitprop to the pros, kids



Randal Graves said...

Hey now, you go with the agitprop you have, not the agitprop you wish you had. ;-)

Cirze said...

Is that related to Prop 13?

Prop 8?

Next up: Prop 666?



sjelly said...

Funny, sly, evil. My favorites.

Comrade Kevin said...

How about fascism?

darkblack said...

The liberal kind, CK?


Larue said...

When will it ever end?
When will it end.

A Donde Sta Los Florita's Viye?

Distributorcap said...

so that is what he looks like after sex with laura

darkblack said...

Or Jeff Gannon.


Anonymous said...
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