Sunday, August 16, 2009

Over A Long Time Ago

Over A Long Time Ago

Some might think me a cynic...Far from it. I always thought of myself as an idealist, because that was how I was raised and how I have attempted to conduct myself in life's journey.
From a creative perspective being an idealist has allowed me, among other things a somewhat broad point of contrast for the sorts of rejuxtaposed visualizations that I'm known for dabbling in.

But I have, and mayhap the world has precious little time left for romanticized mythologizations, and the self-deceptions practiced by those for whom ideals have been replaced by unpleasant expediencies that they dare not name for fear of admitting the truth...Some dreams are over.

It's time to put the memories back into the box - at least for another decade.
Some of these reveries, as alluring as they may have been never really existed, and much of what was midwifed into reality (by starry-eyed idealists) was co-opted and sold back to a populace who only wanted to be with it long enough to lift themselves out of quiet suburban desperation, and to belong to something other than a hereditary tribe of drab conformity.

The past cannot change the future, being in the end merely a prologue - Only the now makes a difference in what is to come.

Think now. Dare now. And act now.



Utah Savage said...

I think this might be your most beautiful piece yet.

I tend still to be in thrall to the past, yet in this now I am closely examining it's meaning in my present moment. It is here I remain most present examining the past for clues to what got us here. Is this just a tautology? Perhaps, but I repeat it anyway, looking for new clues. Clues to the present moment. Like why was Dick Army on Meet the Press today? Who is David Gregory?

Distributorcap said...

great writing.....

you look at the past right now -- and you wonder how did we get to where we are now