Sunday, August 09, 2009




Michael Hart said...

You'd think someone as stupid as Beck would have accidentally drank a quart of shellac by now, and we'd be done with the fucker.

Distributorcap said...

and they are going to let squeaky fromme out of prison

just saying

darkblack said...

He's too valuable as a message multiplier, M. Hart. Interesting how televised nervous breakdowns hold such a commanding dollar figure, no?


The Squeakies have cable broadcast access instead now, DCap - 'live on channel 195' freakshows that keep the lid on.

What Commandment breakers like Beck don't realize is how closely his followers are surfing the Bomboras of his cognitive dissonance.

Swift drop, no beach break.


Michael Hart said...

Perhaps so, Db; sick like rubber-necking a horrible traffic accident.

What a great word: "bombora"
Thanks for that.

But "Commandment breaker"?
He's a psychotic.

darkblack said...

'He's a psychotic.'

No excuses!


Karen said...

Regarding the woman who said: "Keep government out of my Medicare" reflects the Nazi limp-balls & Beck rethug fuckin' mentality.

s. douglas said...

What "victor" said, and MORE!!!

Especially that part about increasing your brand popularity overnight.



Add Hannity to this list!