Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Overnight

1915 - 2009

Al Bowly with the Ray Noble Orchestra, It's All Forgotten Now, 1934.

Vernon Dalhart, There's a New Star in Heaven To-Night, 1926.

The Ink Spots, Bless You For Being An Angel, 1940.

Bing Crosby, Swinging On a Star.

Via con Dios, Abuela



driftglass said...

Very sorry, db.

Cirze said...

I can tell by her eyes that she must have been very special to you.

Sorry for your great loss.


Oblio said...

Keep passing the open windows...

darkblack said...

Thank you all. She's with my grandfather now, and the circle is closed again.

Suzanne said...

i'm so sorry db.

sjelly said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely picture of your abuelita. My sympathy and every good wish to you and your family.

Larue said...

94 hoss.

Born in midst of WW1.

Not long after Orville and Wilbur.

And likely, labor unrests and more as a preteen.

Temperence. Civil Rights decades later.

NOW! Women's rights.

Back in time, then there was the depression.

She saw WW2.

Planes, to jets.

Radio, to TV. All new to her.

Korea, Vietnam.

The Beats.
The Hippies.

I can't even IMAGINE the music she's seen or known of. Vaudeville to Tin PanAlley, Pop, Old Country, Bluegrass, Newgrass. Gershwins. Broadway Plays. Films. Movies. TV Series. News Greats.

Bless her time. Bless her. Bless you, for having her.

Wow, what that woman's seen.

What she must have spoken to you about. Would that we all had that linkage. I didn't, I have to read about it.

And now I"m a better human for reading about your granny, and recalling all I've read about life back then.

And MY parents. My grandparents were pretty much gone before we came back from SE Asia, so I never knew them. MY memories are those of MY parents.

He was born in 1918.
She, in '23.

They saw it like your Nana did . . . they passed in '01 and '03. They lived large, and saw it all.

Aren't they grand, each and every one of ours?

Peace, love and good memories for out tribes huh.


darkblack said...

Thank you all again.

One anecdote that I would mention is the Grandma always had time for everybody in her worldwide extended family (direct descendants and distant cousin alike) and she remembered all their names almost to the end.

If only she had time for the Internet.