Monday, August 10, 2009

The Farce Is Strong With This One

The Farce Is Strong With This One


Utah Savage said...

A very wild ride for that crazy bitch! Who is that hot on her shapely ass? I'm assuming that ass is shapely by the size of her tits. Is it some sort of noise gatherer? With big balls? What the hell? you are too smart for me. An echo machine?

darkblack said...

Never mind that confusion, Utah...It's the DEATH PANEL!

Run for the next galaxy!


Randal Graves said...

I can see Tatooine from my house!

s. douglas said...

Death Panel?!!

Hey, that wouldn't be from a basement in the 1960's now would it?

I live to inspire.

It's what I do, and why I get up in the morning.

Well, that, and Methadone, but that's a given.

Curious Jim said...

TruckNutz™ - The Ultimate Imperial Fighter Accessory!

Comrade Kevin said...

The force of delusion.