Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adios a la Pasada

Sic Semper Tyrannis

If you'll be kind enough to forgive me...I'm a little out of sorts.

You see, my muse left me. Flew away yesterday. Oh, he'll be back. But it probably is over forever.


So I find myself at a bit of a crossroads. There's nothing more passé at the moment than an Bush caricaturist, because that boat has surely sailed.

My American friends have a new leader, and he appears to be serious about transparency.

This is an interesting and refreshing development, but one can see a subjective curtailing of flights of fancy when things hidden are revealed.

The imagination must turn to other things, things more positive and life-enhancing for oneself and others...And a world in which we are all connected.

Tea In The Sahara

So, I now open my heart to suggestions in the comments, and to offers and collaborations from any with an interest.

Those who wish to speak privately are free to use the email provided to the right of this post.
All exchanges will, of course, be kept in the strictest confidence.

You might also notice a small button under that email.

If my works have caught your eye over time, and you would like to express some regard for them in a tangible fashion, I would accept any such expression gratefully.

Be seeing you



Comrade Kevin said...

Oh, I'm sure you'll have ample fodder for your creations soon enough.

If all else fails, you could make fun of Stephen Harper for the next several months.

Cleveland Bob said...

Mon frere db, I wish you à bientôt and best wishes for the interim until your muse returns.

As for suggestions of potential targets of your biting wit, there remains an enormous cancer in these times of change and it is embodied by one Rush Limbaugh.

Now, El Rushbo is certainly not the sole provocateur of this propagandist poison, but he is the proverbial head of the snake. Until we rid ourselves of the blather and lies that pass for right wing talk radio, our freedoms remain half baked.

Help us to purge these demons from our midst, oh wise and insightful db.

As for tangible recompense, as soon as I once again return to gainful employment, I will find my way back as your faithful patron.

Randal Graves said...

Typical lefty looking for a handout. ;-)

Hard to not second Cleveland Bob's suggestion. Sure, to us he's about as old hat passé as leprosy on every street corner, but yokels listen to the bum and you know all the goopers have left in their arsenal is purified insanity.

zoe said...

rushie, yes yes.
bobby jindal\

VG said...

Another coda. Sigh. /s

db, I'm sure you can find ways to continue to delight your audience.

If the dark muse doesn't appear, you can keep posting music videos, and I will weigh in with stupid comments to keep the conversation flowing.

Really, I do enjoy your music posts. I always learn something. And, on that account, don't you have another muse? Music?

VG said...

p.s. I said "db, I'm sure you can find ways to continue to delight your audience."

Make that "db, I'm sure you can find ways to continue to delight your loyal, adoring audience."

hell, my sweet kitty blog just got added to one of the top five kitty hit sites (no, not that way!!- internet I meanz), and "darkblack" is in the very select number (5) of links as "these are NOT sweet kitteh blogs"

I mean, man, just on the cusp of fame...

Like, don't you need to get a kitteh or sumpin?

I just got a kitteh- actually 6 yo rescue cat- Maine coon. Ohh, she loves to lick my eyebrows...

Utah Savage said...

Advise to star crossed lovers? Yours was the best of the day. Thanks darling.

I say we all go after that colossal ass Rush.

darkblack said...

Thank you all for your input.

I have utilized Rush as a subject before, but that topic could certainly be revisited...Especially since the Bush derangement of America appears to have receded somewhat.

Some unvarnished studies of Limbaugh could prove to be most unpalatable and disconcerting, indeed.


Unknown said...

But DB...first and foremost, one must remember that The Big O is a POLITICIAN!!!

He will provide you with plenty o' on it m'dear. ;p

The press is very hostile to the new Press Secretary..good place for you to start methinks!

Demeur said...

Ah DB there's always Harpy to snark on. And while we down here don't always get the Canadian jabs it's still fun to watch. After all wasn't Harpy just another Bush lapdog like Blair?

darkblack said...

He must have been some sort of 'running dog' for Bush, Demeur, because he gave away a billion dollars in NAFTA judgements - the final spoils of our long economic softwood tariff war - to his administration, just like that.

That said, Harper is a captive of the oil companies and the corporate elements in Canada that dictate acceptable political directions, and as such is somewhat sensationalism-adverse.
He has also been rendered somewhat politically impotent due to his minority government status, and thus cannot enact the 'democracy' he desires.

While I could certainly lampoon Canuck politicians (or anybody else, technically speaking), the fact is that the sort of entertainingly insane demagogues that America sheds its grace on are few and far between above the 49th parallel.

Perhaps Canadian politicians are damn boring as a species, and this may be a reflection of the country in general...The last flamboyant pol we harbored was Trudeau, (the Obama of Canada in the '60's and '70's until he stopped caring and the public grew weary through familiarity) and the last universally hated bogeyman was Lyin' Brian Mulroney, whose election in Canada almost caused me to flee to the U.S. - until Reagan was reelected.

Canada basically absorbs American culture, filters it and sell it back.
I suppose I'm no exception - relative fame in America has a little more weight than a comparable state of being in Canada...


M.Yu said...

Just keep the music coming. You crack open the wall my mind built around some of the lost weekends my youth. From the Bay City Rollers to Mingus. I have lived in that spectrum.

May I hire you to enhance some of my Erotic art pics? I have pixel challenged...

Freida Bee said...

Uh-oh. You're going to have to do what this blogger does, which is wing it and respond to whatever flies up her skirt.

I suggest you put on a skirt and mingle. Next thing you know, you will have revealed your heretofore undisclosed identity and posted pics of your kitty like the rest of us lowly bloggers.

Just. Can't. Think. Of. Excuse. To. Email. Thinking. Thinking.

Verification word= hypines

That's gotta count for something insubstantial.

(Oh, and we still don't have free healthcare, we murder those who murder, and we're in a couple wars, so there's fodder.


darkblack said...

You haz pixel challenge, M. Yu?
Email me.


I would, but I don't have a kitty, Freida.
And indeed, I do have to wing it beyond the now-trite conceit of 'How can I milk the Bush administration for a cheap but provocative laugh yet again?'. Ho hum.


Cleveland Bob, I certainly don't wish to imply to anyone that I am 'going away' from blogging.

I discovered during my last sojourn that this type of social interaction mattered quite a bit in my life, and in turn that what I do does matter in some way to many people. A more gratifying discovery one could not ask for.


Of course, Randal - filthy foreign socialislamism puts out its soiled paw, a complete failure of Conservatism if ever there was.


Distributorcap said...

there will be plenty to talk/visualize aboutj- plenty

us americans are a never ending source of embarrassment to the world and you should take full advantage of that

darkblack said...

Hmmm - but there are many positives that the U.S.A. has to offer the world also, DCap.

Of course, one of my 'hooks', so to speak was to target a particularly sinister exploitation of the American belief of blameless exceptionalism regarding its own activities.

To accomplish this, however, I had to believe that the core values espoused by your nation were worthwhile in an untainted form, which I do.

To this moment, it appears as though the current administration concurs with this set of ideals.
Of course, time will tell and there will no doubt be missteps that various ideological positions will rail against.

'Hey, at least youse ain't Albania'