Sunday, January 11, 2009

No words necessary

Link Wray and his Ray Men, Big City After Dark.


Cleveland Bob said...

Hiya db,

As it so happens we slogged through the snow to go see Robert Gordon just last night at the increasingly infamous Beachland Ballroom here in the Cleve.

I was introduced to Link Wray via Gordon's first couple of albums. Seeing he's left this earth obviously there was no LW, but Chris Spedding tore it up pretty good.

Many moons ago I used to go see RG at the Lone Star Cafe in NYC with Danny Gatton. He could play a little bit too.

zencomix said...

Sweet! One of my all time favorites. Sometimes my cartoon characters are wearing Link Wray t-shirts.

word verification: noist!

darkblack said...

Indeed, gentlemen, walking with Link is one of my favorite pastimes also...Spedding, of course is a masterful player as well, and Danny Gatton being far beyond what many mere mortals can accomplish with wire and wood.