Monday, January 26, 2009

Used To Pull Your Pigtails

Rockpile with Robert Plant, Little Sister, 1979.


Utah Savage said...

when I was a little girl I wore my hair in tightly French braided pigtails. And I would complain that boys yanked on them. My daddy would say, "those are the boys who like you the most." And so I always chose the worst bastards for mates, figuring that the worse they treated me the more they loved me. It was not fun at all.

What I liked most about this clip was the great classic rock and roll guitar work. Drummer wasn't bad either.

darkblack said...

I was never a pigtail puller, Utah...There were more productive ways of drawing attention to one's own charms and currying favor, IMO.


Indeed, Dave Edmunds, Billy Bremner, Nick Lowe and Terry Williams were a mighty congregation while the fun lasted.

Supposedly, that Plant fellow had a bit of success in the music business also.


Cleveland Bob said...

Huh, I have been wondering who saved Robert Plant's career for the past 30 I know. Danke schoen.

I saw Rockpile warm up Blondie one night long ago. Debbie and her crew made a BIG mistake letting Dave, Nick and boys go on first. People were literally walking out laughing while pointing at Blondie.

Never have a warm up band that's better than you.