Monday, January 12, 2009

The Birds Haz Come

The Birds Haz Come


Comrade Kevin said...

Oh, how I wish.

Maybe they'll peck out his eyes?

Michael Hart said...

You're really stretching credulity here, DB. I mean, A big bull Emperor penguin like Dick the Cheney being skeered of a few Larus ridibundus?
More likely it'll take at least a few hundred well-armed angry walruses to get his Halliburton panties bunched up.

dguzman said...

I don't know, Michael--those beaks are pretty sharp! Peck his fecking eyes out, babies!

VG said...

MH- just feed those birdz some domoic acid!

~~Hitchcock used coverage of the event as "research material" for The Birds
Even though there is no way to verify whether the bloom events, and the large amounts of domoic acid they produced (resulting in the shearwaters' strange behavior), did serve as inspiration for Hitchcock's film, "The Birds," Kudela says that significant quantities of urea were leaching into the ocean at the time due to the prevalence of unregulated septic tanks. Furthermore, a local paper at the time reported that Hitchcock asked for news of the event to use as "research material for his latest thriller," which became "The Birds."~~