Friday, January 02, 2009

At The Magic Negro Show

At The Magic Negro Show


Unknown said... even have Jesse Helms in there!

Utah Savage said...

The Douchebag Theater.

Tengrain said...

that's so freakin' good. Damn.



Freida Bee said...

Is that the wackjob Baldwin in the middle, there?

(I only can ever recognize the most obvious faces in these crowds, and it's even more impressive, given the fact that I couldn't id a one Canadian politician!)

darkblack said...

This seating for the Magic Negro show was Americans only, Freida.

Canadians don't have politicians...We have spokesmodels, instead.


zoe said...

To Turdblossom's left?

Brilliant, as always.

darkblack said...

He's a...chip off a very old block, Zoe.


Thank you.

Distributorcap said...

who boy i was late to this show - and this is one NOT to miss

is that joe the plumber?

darkblack said...

These are the front row patrons, DCap - 'Faux' the plumber is strictly balcony material until the restroom is awash.