Friday, December 07, 2007

R.I.P., Karlheinz Stockhausen

1928 - 2007.

"My personality is a universal statement, as any stone, plant, animal, human being, angel. GOD is working!"

An excerpt from a lecture to non-professionals on the principles of 'sound', 1972.


Unknown said...

I googled him after watching the video DB..what a wonderful musician who contributed much to our world.

darkblack said...

His theoretical concepts inform huge swaths of modern music, Dusty...Yet, save for academics and composers, it was not his fate to become a household name.

I doubt that mattered, however.

The Culture Ghost said...

Just found you through The Aristocrats...your Zappa picture (gorgeous).

Glad to see someone else noticed when Stockhausen dies. I posted his "NY Times" obit and had one comment from someone who actually attended a lecture by Stockhausen and was not favorably impressed.

darkblack said...

Thank you so much, CG...I suspect more than a few found the theoretical concepts of Stockhausen 'difficult' to amalgamate within their own subjective sensibilities of composition, rather than mere acceptance of them as yet another path toward artistic liberation to be walked or strayed from at will.

For such as those, it is preferable to snuggle in the arms of safe bets and compromise than to risk failure ...or victory.