Thursday, December 20, 2007

CanCon Friday - Rush

At last, a Canadian band that most Americans will be quite familiar with.

Never compromising their musicality to suit changing fashions, but instead molding the changing times to themselves in a successful career spanning over 3 decades. Darn nice fellas, too.

Please welcome Lerxst, Dirk, and Pratt, the Big Smoke's own...RUSH.

OK, take off, eh?



Phil said...

"Lerxst, Dirk, and Pratt, "

Lost me there dude.
The album before it's time, 2112 is still a favorite.
I went through a phase where I couldn't get enough Rush for a while, I have lots of their albums.
They have some really good stuff that is real obscure.
Fly By Night was another of my faves, Bytor and the SnowDog rocks.

Phil said...

Dang it, hit the wrong button and had to come back.
Hey, Hoser!
It's beauty, eh?

darkblack said...

'And you call yourself progressive'

I kid, Busted.

The explanation for the names is quite simple - just like me.


...It is one of the many recurring in-jokes that Rush uses in their liner notes...IIRC, this particular one first appeared on Signals.

Unknown said...

Rush eh? Well a former Roomie in Northern VA ruined them for moi.

but I did enjoy Bob and Doug and Geddy!

darkblack said...

I have had roommates perform the same heinousness, Dusty...It is a shame when good musics are driven into the ground so thoughtlessly.