Monday, December 10, 2007

Don't Drop The Dewberry's

Guardian U.K.:
Fallen media mogul Conrad Black was today sentenced to six and a half years in a US jail, following his conviction earlier this year for embezzling millions of dollars from his Hollinger media empire.

Black, who arrived at court accompanied by his wife Barbara Amiel, and his daughter Alana, could have faced 24 years in prison.

Chicago judge Amy St Eve also fined former media tycoon $125,000.

Black will spend Christmas at home - he has been given 12 weeks to put his affairs in order and report to prison in March.

125 grand...Oh, I'm sure that'll put a crimp in Christmas.

One hopes that this raffish foreigner will put his idle time to good use by learning a trade, or perhaps bettering himself through education...Thus, enabling him to put his ill-mannered thuggery behind him and rejoin society as a changed man, free of his criminal compulsions.



Unknown said...

This piece of fecal matter should be tossed in the slammer now and have to become someone's girlfriend whilst there.

Wotta fuckwit indeed.

darkblack said...

The burning shame of having to cohabitate cheek-by-jowl with the unwashed and ill-lettered castoffs of a barbarian culture might well be more than Lord Black can bear, Dusty.

Shed a tiny tear for him, won't you?


Unknown said...

Praise Jeebus I think your right DB :)