Friday, December 07, 2007

CanCon Friday - Wheatfield Blues

...With the pride of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Wide Mouth Mason, playing Oh Mother at the Montreux Jazz Fest in 1997.


Unknown said...

Hot damn DB..thats MY kind of music brotha!

Thanks for turning me on to this gent..I will be d/l some of his tunes, including this haste ;)

darkblack said...

One of the cooler stories I've heard about these guys supposedly occurred at this gig, where Van Morrison came up to them after the show and told them that they were the best thing he'd seen in decades.

Not bad for three kids from the prairies, eh?


Unknown said... shit? Van is the man. I recently started listening to him again after years of neglect.

I have, which allows me to d/l a YouTube Vid and turn it into mp3's..I got some delicious Van that spanned the genre's of music the other nite..including..gasp..him doing a country tune which I actually adore now. ;)