Sunday, December 02, 2007

Undaunted, The Mighty Wurlitzer Wheezes On

Play It Again, Karl

Hey Karl, I've got a cherry-picked quote for you:

Remarks by the President in Photo Opportunity with Secretary of State Colin Powell, The Oval Office, September 19, 2002:

Q Mr. President, are you going to send Congress your proposed resolution today? And are you asking for a blank check, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: I am sending suggested language for a resolution. I want -- I've asked for Congress' support to enable the administration to keep the peace. And we look forward to a good, constructive debate in Congress.
I appreciate the fact that the leadership recognizes we've got to move before the elections.

Gosh, did the President really say that? He must have been under huge duress from that nasty Congress looking to get its war on all over his pretty face.


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