Thursday, December 27, 2007

CanCon Friday - Chilliwack

These guys have had a strikingly long history on the scene...Formed from a 60's Vancouver band called The Collectors (of Lydia Purple fame), they evolved into Canadian stalwarts during the 1970's, and in time and after some personnel changes (including Brian 'Too Loud' McLeod on guitar) finally made the American hit parade in the early '80's with the above tune.
Now, in their current incarnation and fronted by original member Bill Henderson, they work the circuits reawakening tender memories within their loyal fans.

My personal favorite album of theirs is Dreams, Dreams, Dreams...Never released on CD, such a shame.

'...'cause we're the ones
Who get to steal the show
And I don't know
Perhaps you're right
But even so
If there's no audience there ain't no show'

Truer words never spoken.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

This is a greagreat service you provide. I love learning about bands form Canada that I never heard of before and hearing old tunes from ones I never knew were Canadian in the first place. Thanks for the lessons in modern music Darkblack.

darkblack said...

You're quite welcome, Doctor.

I certainly am no expert in the field, but I do regard myself as an informed consumer through osmosis if nothing else.

Bluesborn said...

Dr.Monkey:check out the great(and sadly under rated Canadian rock band "Max Webster".They are recognized up here as one of the best rock bands Canada has ever produced.Kim Mitchell(the singer and guitarist)is a truly brilliant artist.