Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pig Biting Mad

Pig Biting Mad

'And one more time'

I'm a devotee of the Weekly World News, a fine publication that features among its many charms an ersatz columnist by the name of Ed Anger, whose argumentative approach is to spew a Vesuvius of vindictive vitriol at anyone who fails to conform to the rigid 'American' behavioral norms he deems

Hippies, foreigners, non-Republicans, various traitors-to-be-named, and any other unwashed rabbled riffraff that failed to recognize their rightful place holding down the bottom rung of the Great Experiment's socioeconomic ladder.

Top-notch character spoof writing due to the comic effect of seeing such poltroons taken to their logical extremes, and good for a chuckle unless you failed to see the tongue firmly planted in cheek.

However, more and more I'm finding it hard to differentiate between Mssr. Anger's rythyms and the sort of overheated jingo-holler proffered by Bill O'Reilly and his fellow honkers on the Bullshit Bullhorn.

One cannot cast aspersions on the patriotism or loyalties of others, merely because their politics differ, unless you're prepared to adopt a rather narrow definition of 'loyalty' that precludes any criticism whatsoever of all American initiatives or policies, period.
I view this as an intellectually vapid reaction to contrary data, and typical of those who seek to ignore all the inconvenient contradictions in favor of a cozily self-righteous sleep.

Such mental circus tricks leave little room for interpretation of other aspects of the individual's character, as well.

On September 12th,2001 (that's 12th, Rudy) a dominant majority of the Western world (and a goodly proportion of the remainder of our planet) stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States...America had but to ask, to point a finger at those who brought terror to U.S. soil, and using factual information with clear objectives we would have achieved the impossible together.

It would have been glorious.

That is what was thrown away...Discarded as needless goodwill, regarded as the undesirable effluents of disdained foreign affairs...A tragic, cheap, and unnecessary waste.

Of course, there are many 'America haters' abroad, and only an unacceptably blinkered view cannot see that reality, or the menace it portends.

But anyone capable of rational adult thought needs to acknowledge that this hatred has many faces, some of who have acquired it commensurate with the number of trips they have taken to the local morgue to identify family members and friends.
Women and children non-combatants, people who posed no threat to any established order have perished so that citizens of a faraway land can feel safe at home...And these passages have left hearts filled with hate in their wake.

To me, an identification appears to be regularly fabricated by these sophistic pundits between the idealized state of 'America', which many could justifiably take pride in, and those titled and private individuals and concerns who specialize in malfeasance, cronyism, and lying like a bloodstained shag carpet when accused of crimes against the public.

If that is this sacrosanct 'America' that dare not be criticized...To Hell with it.

Give me back the better America. And give it back now.

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Comrade Kevin said...

The problem is that somewhere along the line we forgot that all criticism of America are not purely DESTRUCTIVE in nature. Many, if not most are CONSTRUCTIVE, and thus designed to spark necessary reforms.

But the narrow-minded ideologue sees enemies in all who criticize his/her personal opinion.

Distributorcap said...

a sure sign of a spoiled arrogant country in decline -- the inability to be criticized........

and the inability to tolerate difference.

and the overwhelming sense of fear

and the turning to a 'higher being' to find answers to what ails 'ya

thank you george bush for making america SO STRONG

i am with you DB --- i want a better america, but i dont think we have much time to get it back

Unknown said...

Amen brotha!