Friday, December 28, 2007

Never give up

Benazir Bhutto

"What I really need to ask myself is: do I give up, do I let the militants determine the agenda?" - Benazir Bhutto, Oct. 2007.

...But consider the wisdom of giving one's enemies advance notice of your intentions.

It can have consequences.

h/t Tengrain.

Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images


Unknown said...

She was far from perfect, but she was better than the military regime or Musharraf for that matter.

A strong woman is no match for the wingnuttery of the religious nutjobs, or in the case of Musharraf, worthless pimps.

Comrade Kevin said...

As I have said in my comments at a few prior sites, I do not know enough about this situation to feel well informed enough to make any wide sweeping statement.

Before I do so, I'd like to understand Pakistani politics better, particularly the in-depth difference between Musharraf and Bhutto, especially in their style of governance.

bern said...

i don't know anything at all about Pakistani politics but i do know that not too many people deserve to die like that

i thought that the picture was beautiful
esp considering her fate