Saturday, November 03, 2007

Run Rudolph's Mouth Run

Democracy? How Perfectly Ghastly, Lovey

Real Clear Politics:

Rudy Giuliani was on South Carolina's ETV's "The Big Picture on the Radio Show" and had some thoughts on vice presidential picks. From the ETV press release:

'I would want a vice president who was a partner. Someone who was in on everything that was going on, so that that person could take over if, God forbid, something happened. You know, I was working for President Reagan, in fact I had breakfast with him, with a lot of other people, the day he was shot. So, I have been very, very close to a possible presidential assassination and seen how that all worked out that day...
How do you pick a vice president? ... I think Vice President Cheney and President Bush's pick of Vice President Cheney is a good example of picking someone who is qualified to be president of the United States. That is number one -- it's paramount.'

Who picked Vice President Cheney, now?

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Unknown said...

I did not hear about his speechifying on this topic.

What. a. fucking. trip.

Gracias DB.

Fran said...

I had heard about this. Just another reason to feel totally ill about this bloviating blowhard.

I am at a loss. As a NY-er I could not imagine he would still be in the game.

Part of the evil aftermath of dare I say it...9/11.