Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"Maybe you've found someone you like better..."

I Wish You Was A Wishing Well

Raw Story:

Former chief Bush political strategist Karl Rove is telling GOP Oval Office seekers in 2008 to keep a safe distance from the man he helped to twice elect, according to MSNBC host Dan Abrams' interpretation of a recent opinion column penned by Rove.

"It sounds to me like Karl Rove is giving the Republican candidates advice that says 'get away from my guy,'" Abrams said of Rove's Saturday column in Newsweek, in which the the former adviser warned that George Bush's lagging poll numbers would do no favors for GOP presidential hopefuls in 2008.

Always a shame when relationships come to a sticky end.


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Distributorcap said...

but John McCain is willing to take KKKarl's help.......

i hope that was hemlock in the picture and not a grapefruit