Friday, November 30, 2007

In Wartime You Have To Substitute For Eeeverything

In Wartime You Have To Substitute For Everything

Via the NYT:

Rudolph W. Giuliani last night called a Web site’s account of his spending a “political hit job” as his campaign struggled to explain why hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses for his mayoral security detail were billed to obscure city offices instead of the Police Department.
The Web site report focused largely on the security detail’s expenses for trips that Mr. Giuliani took to Southampton, N.Y., at a time when he was beginning an extramarital affair with Judith Nathan, who is now his third wife.
Bernard B. Kerik, who was Mr. Giuliani’s police commissioner when some of the charges were billed, said in an interview yesterday that the security detail’s travel expenses would normally come out of the Police Department’s budget.

“There would be no need for anyone to conceal his detail’s travel expenses,” said Mr. Kerik, who was indicted earlier this month on unrelated federal tax fraud and corruption charges. “And I think It’s ridiculous for anyone to suggest that the mayor or his staff attempted to do so.”

Nothing to see here, disgraced law enforcement has spoken...Shut up and shop, America.

As my pal Watertiger so succinctly put it:
Rudy. Giuliani. Stole. From. Crippled. People. To. Go. Visit. His. Mistress. In. Southampton, NY.
NOW how do you like this motherf*cker?

Apparently Rudy likes to make money doing business with terrorists, also.

And he wants to be President.

Imagine what he'll dream up tomorrow.


Fran said...

I had the great pleasure of meeting Watertiger last night- funny and smart as hell.

Yes, Rudy continues his diarrhea of the mouth and one of the things discussed at our NYC soiree was- how has he gotten this far?

darkblack said...

Well, Fran, my father passed along some succinct wisdom to me when I was young, something that I have taken to heart over these many hard years...

'Bullshit baffles brains'.

And Giuliani is 20 pounds of baffling in a ten pound bag, IMO.