Friday, November 09, 2007

CanCon Friday - Streetheart

You want action? 'Stick 'em in the ground, six feet down' action? Well, then, welcome a seminal Canadian band, one who not only had hard-won success on their own, but whose members went on to further fame with such acts as Loverboy, Tom Cochrane, and others...Streetheart.

'If you can read, look at this...Hit it , boys'


Phil said...

As much of a rocker as I am, I'm embarrassed to say I never heard of 'em?
I like that tune though and will have to get my miners hat on and start digging.
They opened for a lot of bands I've seen in concert too.Strange that I don't remember them.

It is taking a great deal of my will power not to liberate that Minor league blogging icon.

darkblack said...

Hopefully I might uncover more of the Great White North's nuggets for you, Busted.

As for Minor League Blogging? Anyone can be one, and anyone can have one.


Phil said...

Thanks for that DB.
I do remember Triumph and I want to say Zebra also, good tunes.