Thursday, December 03, 2009

So Long It Hurt My Shoulder Sore

The Rising Sons, .44 Blues, 1965.


zencomix said... you like the Jamming With Edward stuff Ry did with some of The Stones?

Love the Zappadan link button!

darkblack said...

It's a fine 'historical document', ZC - It would have been interesting to see what that type of firepower could have whipped up if they'd had a purpose other than waiting for a Glimmer.


zencomix said...

As a 7 or 8 year old kid, it was my first hearing of Ry Cooder. I didn't care that it was so sloppy, it was more about the sound, one of those live/studio aural dynamics things.

darkblack said...

Yes, 'about the sound' - dynamics of light and shade, and the intuitive interactivity of listening and responding to each other...pages straight from the jazz/blues operator's manual 101.

That's how it was done in those days - probably the same now, among those so equipped. It certainly is a worthwhile approach.