Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Little Nostalgia For The Old Folks

FZ, Charva, 1963.

For those with an interest, the CBC has a 3-part audio documentary titled I Am All Day and Night: The Music of Frank Zappa that may provide some clues to the conceptual continuity of it all.



zencomix said...

Great find on the CBC audio and I'm only 20 minutes into part one!

Utah Savage said...

Is it Zappadan again?

darkblack said...

Oh, Utah, you're such an imp.


M.Yu said...

Nice catch on the audio doc, DB.

I'm glad folks are working it for us spectators this year...

darkblack said...

It's a nice overview for some who are 'new to this craze', but don't want to be soiled with excessive details...And for those long-term aficionados, a reminder of what the big deal really was.

See, sometimes radio does play you, Frank.