Friday, December 11, 2009

Frank Quote Of The Day

Bobby Dobbs

'There is an organization in Texas called The Church of the SubGenius, devoted to the teachings of some guy with a pipe in his mouth named "BOB."
I'm not a member, but part of their 'theology' parallels mine.

As the planet gets more crowded, we must realize that 'slack' is precious, schmucks are plentiful, impingements are impractical and werewolf etiquette for self-defense is a personal necessity.

Techniques must be developed to enable each of us to escape the other guy's bullshit (just as he wishes to escape ours). Heaven would be a place where bullshit existed only on television.
(Hallelujah! We's halfway there!)

People should be encouraged to look after their own self-interest, but avoid inflicting themselves on other people -- especially don't inflict yourself on a schmuck. The guy has already made his choice. Cut the schmuck some slack.'

` The Real Frank Zappa Book, pg. 234.

Take it away, Don Preston, with the eternal question...



zencomix said...

I gave my copy of TRFZB to a hippy named Troll back in the 90s as partial payment for a delivery job. He and another buddy had driven a van load of my paintings from Boston to Denver. I'll have to pick up another copy.

I loved the story about the guy who wore the spaghetti collander on his head.

darkblack said...

Ah, 'Crazy Jerry and Will Bill the mannequin f*cker', ZC - As FZ said, 'It was sort of colorful in Southern California in those days, but a couple of Republican administrations and poof!'


IMO, for the uninitiated TRFZB certainly shouldn't be taken as 'gospel' in the sense of pure, unvarnished truthery - but it is the artist's perspective on themselves and what they do and observe in words approved by themselves, which assists in peeling away the tangential mysteries for those inclined.

M.Yu said...

Nice one DB...