Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Overnight - The Jazz Discharge Party Hats

Don 'Sugarcane' Harris, with Harvey Mandel, Larry Taylor, and Paul Lagos - So Alone, 1972.

The Band From Utopia, Yo Cats, 1994.

The Mothers, Big Swifty, 1973.

Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Three Hours Past Midnight, 1956.

FZ, The Jazz Discharge Party Hats, 1983.

'Hey, have a nice one, guy'



J said...

Big Swifty's a great number, yass.

microdot said...

I have discovered the world after Zappa for Sugarcane Harris...
There's this recording with Robert Wyatt, when he could still play drums and one of guitar heros, Terje Rypdal...I musrt have it!
Meanwhile Tupelo Chain Sex rocks!

Stumak (who was in the Joes Garage era band) was also in Tupelo Cain Sex...