Friday, May 01, 2009

Rice, Full Of Beans


Crooks & Liars - Countdown: Rice's Tortured Excuse

Q: Even in World War II facing Nazi Germany, probably the greatest threat that America has ever faced –

RICE: Uh, with all due respect, Nazi Germany never attacked the homeland of the United States.

Q: No, but they bombed our allies –

RICE: No, just a second, just a second. Three-thousand Americans died in the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Q: 500,000 died in World War II –

RICE: Fighting a war in Europe.

Q: — and yet we did not torture the prisoners of war.

RICE: We didn’t torture anybody here either.

Frankly, comparing one of the great industrial powerhouses of the 20th century, held in the grip of a sinister right-wing eliminationist responsible for the murder of millions of innocents in their drive to conquest and a truly representative face of fascism, to a ragtag amalgamation of zealous cadres in the thrall of fundamentalist paymasters who achieved a showy Pyrrhic victory with stolen resources is specious at best and malignantly duplicitous at worst.

And for this pugnacious bit of dissembling to come from one who sat in front of a hearing on the events of 9/11 and successfully bluffed them on her own incompetence is particularly galling.

Condoleezza Rice was stunningly ineffectual as U.S. Secretary of State, blown as a reed in a breeze on whatever noxious winds issued from the Executive office.
One might infer from observing her term that she held that office not by dint of qualification, but so an eager vassal would be in position to act on a child-king's whims...A repeated pattern seen rather conspicuously during the Bush administration.

As to her claims that the Nazis performed no offensive acts on the 'homeland of the United States'...When her boss's grandfather is balls deep in business with them, should this be surprising?

This week, she offers the double fungoo - The Sergeant Schultz defense ('I vas just following orders') blended with the Nixon/Frost neener neener ('I'm the President, the law is whatever I say it is').

Will this be enough to save her, America?

Over to you.



zencomix said...

You can see the worms are starting to turn inside her brain.She lacks the sufficient sociopathiness of Cheney or Bush, and the drugs and booze only take her so far. Don't be surprised if you see an "Apparent Suicide" in her future, and you'll still be left wondering, "Was she ready to spill the beans, so Cheney took her hunting, or did she really have a conscience buried beneath the ambition?"

darkblack said...

In my opinion, they don't name oil supertankers after people who have a conscience, ZC.

Rice displays a shallow, somewhat meritless intellect to me, contrasted with the self-satisfied incuriousness of Bush or the callous arrogance of Cheney (mixed with their jointly sociopathic behaviors).

Somewhere, someone has a card to play on her...I wonder what face it will be?


zencomix said...

I'm sure they have a whole deck of cards to play. The Post Bush Years Power Play will be interesting to watch. The Piper must be paid for chickenhawks coming home to roost.

VG said...

db- this is a wonderful post- I mean I mean your words, and your perspective, not the ahem woman in question. Your graphics are brilliant, but even better with your words. xo

darkblack said...

To the thinking person, it would seem like a certain group overplayed their hand, ZC.
That said, since they've gotten off the hook so many times for teh heinous before, there's a firm sense of entitlement afoot.
It's not like they have a lot of boundaries, either.
Thank you, VG...That's a very nice thing to say.

Pictures can be more succinct, however.


Thorne said...

"Condoleazy-E"!!! Oh, my. That's almost too perfect. Got anything brilliant planned for our newest pandemic? Hee hee! Thanks for stopping by!

darkblack said...

Welcome, Thorne...Well, we used to have the occasional bout of 'swine flew' around here.


Distributorcap said...

condi gets credit for what - i dont know. perhaps it is that intellectual babble that makes her sound more sane and palatable than george or dick or rummy or rove or any of the other brownshirts that ran around DC.

she is nothing but an ass-licking hack and a phony. her erudite manner cannot hide the incredible stupidity in her soul

at least with cheney and rove you know what you get. with condi you think you are getting sanity, and all you are getting is another member of the insane cabal.

she would have made a wonderful checkout gal at Kmart

Utah Savage said...

I'm still hoping for War Crimes trials. I know it's naive of me, but god how I want us to cleanse our souls with a bit of accountability. But if the bunch of them keep yakkin' I might get my wish, since it's hard to ignore the shit that's still coming out of their mouths. George seems to be happy not to have to talk anymore, but his surrogates are doing a lot of talking for him.

VG said...

db- yes, I love your graphics. Succinct. Powerful. Didn't mean to say your graphics don't stand on their own, like totally. Nonetheless, you have a way with words, too...

darkblack said...

May pride in their crimes go before a fall, Utah.
Words come, like, hard to me, VG. Thank you again.