Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Leave Mah Boys Alone

Newty Mama

"What we're seeing now, in a very sad way, is as bitter a partisan attack on the Bush people, as we've seen since the McCarthy era. The degree that they're putting specific people at risk for criminal prosecution is unprecedented in modern America."

It never surprises an observer of American politics in the common era to hear hyperbole used shamelessly, the sort of hyperbole that appears utterly ludicrous in cold hard print, yet no doubt sounds plausible to some when mouthed by cynical opportunists who are quick in glossing over their close ideological relationships to the negatives within the contrasts that are made...Nevertheless, hyperbole which is blurted out unchallenged on many a 'news show' while the talking heads go bob-bob-bobbling along...
(and by 'news show' I'm inferring a sort of televisual old-boys club, penis-equipped or otherwise, filled with chatty comity among the overprivileged and a breezy evasion of serious factual analysis).

But some blurtings stand out, such as the above, and illuminate quite a bit more than the speaker might care to reveal truthfully under their own power.

I have seen this dumbshow played out for decades now, by criminals seeking to evade justice through misdirection and subterfuge...'If the President does it, that means it is not illegal', the pardoning of felons to avoid 'the criminalization of policy differences', the abuse of words such as liberal, witchhunt, and partisan to the point where they are rendered devoid of meaning, which is perhaps the intent after all - for if words become duckspeak, as they have in many cases so far as the public is concerned, then anything deemed expedient becomes permissible with little or no explanation required.

Followers of the American scene will no doubt be overly familiar with Newt Gingrich's history and imperatives, thus I will not add to them save to say that Mr. Gingrich has always struck me as a rather obvious hypocrite bereft of any thoughts that do not benefit him directly.

Yet here, he shows a most tender solicitude for the 'unfortunate'...
(and by 'unfortunate' I'm inferring those poor souls who lied to the American public and the world, fixing the 'facts' around the policy in order to commence a war that would fulfill their ideological yearnings, and cheerfully breaking their own nation's laws and longstanding international treaties in an effort to make the process as deliciously self-beneficial as possible).

What a selfless display of concern, hmm?

In my opinion, a conservative politician in the United States using the phrase McCarthyism in an accusatory way is one potential proof of the non-existence of a supreme being...For should there be such a deity, a tawdry specimen like this would be forced to spontaneously combust upon the utterance, out of the sheer shame of verbally authoring archly self-serving twaddle in front of grown-ups.


aside: My posting will be light for a while...Numerous issues of a personal nature have asserted themselves.


Demeur said...

A good piece DB but then American politics are easy to pick apart with only two parties that have polaized like never before. Just wonder if the whole process won't be boiled down to a polarization of intellect.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

When Newt speaks he makes me ashamed that he and I are from the same country.

Randal Graves said...


Come on, entirely subjective black death, where are you.

darkblack said...

'Just wonder if the whole process won't be boiled down to a polarization of intellect.'I suspect it already is, Demeur...The benchmark being the individual ability to retain high levels of cognitive dissonance, irrespective of ideology, without suffering an inadvertent 'Scanners' moment.
Newt doesn't represent America to me, Dr. Monkey.
He represents conglomerates, corrupt status quos, mocking pretenses towards intellectualism and rank hypocrisies...The fact that he was selected by Americans as an advocate for their interests is merely an accident of geology.

Like Dick Cheney, his instincts would allow him to function very well as, say, an apparatchik in the former Soviet Union or some such other counterdemocratic enterprise...Beguiling the peasants with demagogically patriotic platitudes whilst picking their pockets down to the last beet.


darkblack said...

You forgot 'librul leetist', Randal...Shame!


Comrade Kevin said...

If you understood East Cobb County, Georgia, as I do from having lived in Atlanta--which was where Newt was elected from, you'd understand his behavior all the better.

darkblack said...

Canada suffers from a similar regionalism in politics, CK - certain areas of this country are guaranteed to put glibly venal carpetbaggers into power, sometimes for no other reason than no one of a greater character cares to abase themselves with the process...and sometimes with the winking private reassurances that the candidate will remain their crook come what may whilst pulling the levers of power.

A sick game, no matter where it is played.


Unknown said...

Mighty fine rant DB..and I LOVE it!!!

I am so tired of the sniping, the bullshit, the innuendo and all the crap associated with this issue.

I just got a big rant off my ample chest about how the MSM is giving The Big Dick Cheney™ airtime when there is actual news to report on..it drives one to consider yanking out their eyeballs and tearing off their ears.

Larue said...

DB, yet another great issueance, with great art.

I allus bow to yer wow.

May your personal stuff be best and greatest as it can be . . . we'll be here upon yer return . . .

And in the meantime, thanks for all the jazz, music, art, and thought balloons . . . you could float a planet with yer thought balloons . . .*G* Wishin ya well as well can be . . . *bows*

Madam Z said...

I love this post and agree with you. But that last paragraph is PRICELESS! Especially this line: "For should there be such a deity, a tawdry specimen like this would be forced to spontaneously combust upon the utterance, out of the sheer shame of verbally authoring archly self-serving twaddle in front of grown-ups."