Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Is There Anything Else You're Not Telling Us?

Prejean Hormones

A occasional fact of wonder to me while engaging in this blogging diversion from my personal socioeconomic Armageddon, is that not only do I have several viewers and correspondents who self-identify as religious in varied fellowships, in some cases strongly so...But that these gentle spirits actually respect and encourage my right to express myself as I see fit, even when these exhibitions grind against their personal cosmologies.

I feel that people such as these are the true embodiment of their faith - showing wisdom, empathy (the kind that judges never will have) and personal forgiveness for transgressions against them, regardless of whether the offending party acknowledges or is even aware of those feelings.

Many of these fine people espouse a creed of personal responsibility...That one's own life is the ultimate example, a state of wholeness with God and man being a worthy temporal goal...and that notches on one's belt of those that one has personally 'saved' are no benchmark that is recognized by higher authority, come whatever reckoning awaits.

Knowing that they can co-exist with and betimes thrive in a world often hostile to their ecclesiastical notions goes a small way toward offsetting the panoply of rampant unenlightenment perpetrated by those who use their religion as a social battering ram, and license of assumed superiority to perform wickedness and moronisms 'in the Lord's name'.

For those of you who see themselves in the more positive light that I have described, I cannot share your faith...But I will defend your right to it, and do no harm.

For those like Carrie Prejean - As your fleeting beauty fades, do continue to be prideful of your ignorance...for it is all you will ever have in this world.


Frederick said...

I've as of yet not seen a coherent argument as to why what she said was offensive. All she did was answer the question when asked to express her opinion. That gaudy caricature of a gay man, Perez Hilton is far more offensive to anyone who cares about gay rights. That's just my opinion of course.

Agi said...

I still don't get why my state paid for her boobs. I want my money back!

darkblack said...

Frederick, you bring up an excellent point. Frankly, I have no use for Perez Hilton and find the question asked rather inappropriate - How relevant is a beauty queen's opinion on such a matter, given her limited ability to affect the outcomes? And how does such a loaded question, guaranteed to alienate some demographic, benefit the overall proceedings?

But now, Prejean has decided, perhaps operating under similar impulses as others before her, to parlay her temporary infamy into some sort of poster-child role, proselytizing on behalf of opportunistic zealots for a cause that she is ill-suited to represent...almost like a day without sunshine, one might say.


Randal Graves said...

I'd like to quibble with your statement all you will ever have in this world.Sure, they may sag and might even leak, but she'll always have those implants. Unless she gets them removed, of course.

Unknown said...

DB, it's nice to see your words accompany the graphic for a change.

Prejean is the female Joe the not-a-real-Plumber.

And that douche is still getting his 15 minutes of fame.

VG said...

Hey, db!

Luvs ya, as ever.

See, read what Dusty said. People do enjoy reading your words, too!

xo VG

driftglass said...

Damn right.

Michael Hart said...

And I would've been the first to say you should write more often, except my landlord chopped the comcast cable in half with his little digger-thing.

And even with your psa, it might feel good to write like that more often.

Or. Just do it.

darkblack said...

Thanks for reading my overwrought faux pendantries, all.


Freida Bee said...

You flatter her, DB (pictorially).

Beautiful words re: religion and faith.

I have tended to agree with Frederick on this one. The good thing is... ignorance is its own best disadvertisement.

Comrade Kevin said...

Here we have mutual parasitic behavior at its most base.

darkblack said...

So it would seem, CK...Both host and hosted.