Thursday, May 07, 2009

Aren't They A Pair

Aren't They A Pair


Unknown said...

Oh please, oh please..let those two skanks continue to run their pieholes!

Ooops, that is three skanks..I forgot Boss Limbaugh ;)

darkblack said...

Indeed, Dusty...Perhaps Limbaugh should run for office also, and fully expose himself to the public's gaze. Wouldn't that be special?


Tengrain said...

You are Lord, God, King. I bow to your supreme snark.



Freida Bee said...

So very disturbing on so many levels. I only wish it were absurd.

Michael Hart said...

Bachmann-Palin just might be the perfect ticket.

Deborah Newell said...

Yes! Oh, please, dear Super Best Friends, let it be so! I had put up an LOL cat poster thingie at Cogitamus ("I'm in yr shrinkin tent, hopin 4 Palin/Coleman") but this would be even better. As the husband would say: tits!

P.S. Welcome back db. XXX d

selloutboy said...

This is hysterical.


selloutboy said...

This is hysterical.