Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Overnight

Johnny Smith, with Perry Lopez, Arnold Fishkin and Don Lamond, side one of Walk, Don't Run (Walk, Don't Run!, Loverman ,'S Wonderful, and Lullaby of Birdland), 1954.

Tetsuo Sakurai, Greg Howe, Dennis Chambers and Akira Onozuka, Punk Jazz, Yokohama, 2004.

SexMob, Blue and Sentimental, NYC, 2009.

The Gunther Schuller Orchestra plays Jimmy Giuffre's composition Suspensions, 1957.


Larue said...

Dang, I never heard of Jimmy Smith. But Walk, Don't Run I know of a LOT! Fine tuneage, hoss!,_Don't_Run_(song)

What I learn from checking in here . . . always a thrill!

Thanks, DB. *G*

Larue said...

Ok, I'm half way thru the next vid, who ARE those guys!!!!! *eyesbulge*

Who's Greg Howe, is he the git?

Damn, I seen Mahavishnu and I love old Return To Forever, be it early or later . . . this is SPIKED! *G*

BTW, had to rip your first vid to Howdyville. Some of them are festing this weekend, and we're not, first time since '01. We miss our campmates. They, now, have some quality surf music origins to comtemplate in their navels by the sea when they come home post fest. *G* Thanks, hoss. *G*

darkblack said...

Thank you, Larue, glad you enjoyed the tunes.

Johnny Smith was one of the preeminent jazz guitarists of the 1950's, up there with Van Eps and the like - but a family situation made him hang it up and walk away at the peak.
One of my favorites - his chordal approach is masterful.

Indeed, Greg Howe is the guitar player in video 2, Tetsuo Sakurai is the bassist and putative bandleader, and the tune is by Jaco Pastorius, from Weather Report's Mr. Gone album.

Reversing the arrangement and playing the opening bass solo in ensemble was a nice touch, I thought.