Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our Limbaugh Who Art In Radio

Our Limbaugh Who Art In Radio

...There's no state like RedState.



Unknown said...

It really is unfortunate that people actually listen to and report on this blatherer.


darkblack said...

But he's the reticent titular head, David...every utterance a pearly sermon of trickling wisdom, every gesture redolent with amoralistic malevolence.

His followers can do no less but to fitfully grasp at the threadbare hem of self-deceptive hubris that he radiates.


Randal Graves said...

What's with the NT verses though? Aren't they bigger fans of the giant narcissist known as OT Big Cheese?

And come on, no way Limbaugh's that thin. ;-)

darkblack said...

Perhaps the 'vultures in our mist' eated all the OT verses, Randal...Never underestimate the miraculous powers of antigravity when it comes to keeping unsightly flab in a tidy suspension.


Tengrain said...

"Eat, for this is my Viagra..."

Does this mean on the third day he'll still be arisen?



Michael Hart said...

I can't tell you what sacrilege is, but like pornography, I know it when I see it. Dali has to be hurling in his grave.

Larue said...

I can't afford the drugs it takes for a RedState Of Mind, even if they is legal . . .

But then, I ain't Rushbo . . *G*

Yer last two graphics have, been, DISTURBING images, DISTURBING, I say . . . ah say, ah say, son, son ya got to keep yer EYE on the BALL, EYEBALL!!! That's a joke son, get it? Eye! Ball!

(Thaht boy just ain't right in the head)

But you sure are right out of yer head and it's likely off the left brain ain't it . . LOL

Keep it comin, and thanks for it all. Sanity is SO hard to find down here south of yer border . . .;-)


darkblack said...

Only the last two, Larue? I'm losing my touch.


Cleveland Bob said...

Uh, yeah, I was gonna say, just the last two images?

darkblack has been waterboarding my cerebellum with his brilliantly twisted visions for nigh on 3 years now and grateful for it am I.

Unknown said...

Ok,. the fucktard at RedState apparently thinks he knows how lefties will treat and behave..where in the blue hell did he get that knowledge? A friggin dream?

I couldn't read his whole post DB, it made me angry as hell and I don't feel good today.

As yes..BOss Limbaugh isn't that fucking thin!!!! ;p

Distributorcap said...

our limbaugh who art in radio
hollow is indeed they brain
thy viagra came
with an oxy name
and the boys that dont stain

i HATE this man with ever cell in my body

but i love your brilliance even more