Friday, May 08, 2009

Dipped, rolled, then fried to perfection

Go Pluck Yourself

Gosh, has it been two weeks already? Come on Hannity, time to 'visit the Colonel'.

While we wait for service...Everybody dance!


Addendum: Making people pay to read their targeted propaganda? Well played, Rupert.


Utah Savage said...

Even I'd chip in to see Hannity waterboarded. I want them to get him to say he's a brainless twit and should be fired. Or something like that.

Let's hope Rupert is as fond of his billions as we think--that might mean he'd make some changes in his programing. And I mean that in the most prejudicial way--as in brainwashing, no unlike waterboarding.

darkblack said...

Can he still wear the chicken suit, or will it be more formal, Utah?


I suspect Rupert will work for anyone who pays the bills...Principles don't fill empty wallets.

Comrade Kevin said...

Fox News keeps getting smarmier and smarmier and more like pure propaganda.