Monday, April 13, 2009

Two, two, two nuts in one

Dorks Like Us


...only a little more than a year later, the hottest talk-show host ratings-wise on cable TV -- Glenn Beck, on Fox News -- would not only be regularly plumping Goldberg's book, he'd be devoting the core thesis of his show to the proposition that under Barack Obama, the nation is proceeding on a direct fascist course.

And that, as he did Friday, he'd devote an entire hour, replete with select historians, to exploring this crackpot notion.

'Whoooo, scary'

The fact that these two kooks have developed a mutual backscratching society based on quantum levels of illogical thought goes a long way toward providing objective proof of the law of attraction.



aironlater said...

I watched the repeat of Beck's "Destined To Repeat" show and was taking notes on things to write about. I started to run out of paper.

There were so many moments when I started to wonder exactly how ill-informed not only Beck was, but his guests that he seemed to think were prophets of their genereation.

His consistant and often creepy devotion to Goldberg almost inspires a sense of awe when you think about it.

Couple that with his continued use of the "founding fathers" - leaping headlong into the shallow end of the pool when you see his "Thomas Paine" segment at the end.

He's coupling Communism, Facsim, Nazi imagry, Statism - whatever that is supposed to mean - and Socialism and creating this cacauphonous program that maligns past presidents that none of those on the program seem to have actually studied, save in the context of what others told them they should.

The notion that progressing from your failures toward what is actually beneficial to the many - rather than the few - is suddenly somehow "evil" will never cease to amaze me.

I often wonder if people like Beck actually believe what they say or if they are just doing this because it makes their paychecks at Fox"News" larger.

Comrade Kevin said...

I think he's still drinking heavily.

darkblack said...

He's the keeper of the sacred 26 percent, 4d3 - the bastard child of Upton Sinclair and Morton Downey Jr. on a meth bender weekend.
I had hoped that this sort of geek show was out of fashion, but I've become used to disappointment in such matters.

I had thought him a script abuser myself, CK...But who knows? Perhaps he's just 'high on life'.


VG said...

db, well, to pull together previous comments, can't discount the "high on the paycheck" take. Not to say that they would be good citizens otherwise. But, trash sells. I am happy to report that the local Kroger has had a special on cheetos. Only $2 for the $2.89 bag. I am unhappy to report that I am not a good person, because cheetos are my favorite sinful junk food. I have been known to munch on them in bed while reading cookbooks. And, when Tootsie (you know, my Maine coon) hears the bag open, she is right there, wanting to lick a cheeto or two. Weird.