Monday, April 06, 2009

Separate The Conglomerate


Blue Gal and Tengrain, among many others, have united in a worthy cause that will be reaching its denouement this weekend - The ongoing struggle to keep separate Church and State, lest such a duopoly consume the light of reason.

More at Blog Against Theocracy.


aironlater said...

I'm working up my piece for this as we speak.

Utah Savage said...

This is a cause I can get behind. Nothing warms the cockles of an old atheist's heart like a good blog against theocracy. Okjimms doing his part and is getting shit from the pious ones. If you can't laugh with or at Jesus, who can you laugh with or at?

VG said...

db- thank you for this! And for the header you made. Saw this at Blue Gal's place a while back.

I'll have to be sparse in my words here, otherwise I'll go off the deep end on this issue. Let's just say that I fully endorse this effort. If I were to say more, it would be a total rant against this offense (theocracy).

My kitteh will on occasion fold her paws together, and lower her head. I think she's either sleeping, or napping or.... she is definitely not praying to Dog.

VG said...

And, with perfect timing:

White House Faith-Based Partnerships Council Gets New Members

Comrade Kevin said...

My Kingdom for more time!

Distributorcap said...

what would jesus do

darkblack said...

Thank you all. While I certainly might encourage those who require faith of all kinds in operating this vida loca to 'follow their bliss', as an unrepentant heathen it vexes me mightily when that same 'faith' is manipulated to coerce and cudgel in the public sphere myself and all those others who do not wish to share in the spirit.

'It's clobberin' time'