Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Take The Bait, Old Chum

Don't Take The Bait, Old Chum


Unknown said...

Hot damn This IS GREAT!!!!

Kudo's dear man..kudos to you and your talents. ;)

zencomix said...

That's what we call "A Floater". A second flush will usually sink it.

darkblack said...

Anyone for global warming?


Utah Savage said...

Chum is the word all right. Chum is what fishermen feed the sharks with right? Soon Unka Dick will be having real time conversations with his real mentor, Uncle Milty.

VG said...

Hey db! Loved the play on words in title.

I was inspired to go off to YouTube to find the appropriate music:

Jaws Theme songPerfect combo- a picture with music!

VG said...

I did this just because I HAD TO!

But, I'll take it down in a few hours because I made it quickly and the photo quality is really bad. Doesn't do you justice, db. But, db, if you approve a better version, I will do it in higher resolution, link to you, etc. etc. Off to to email you!


darkblack graphic with Jaws theme music

darkblack said...


Thank you very much, VG. Of course, you have my permission to engage in these mildly disrespectful japes at a former vice-executive.


Comrade Kevin said...

What is with this evil evil man?