Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Credibility you can trust, my friends


Media Matters: Limbaugh on Specter leaving GOP: "A lot of people -- Specter, take McCain with you, and his daughter"

My regular visitors are no doubt aware of the soft spot in my otherwise-anthracite heart that I have for certain media figures, in this case my pal noted radio funnyman, narcotics-addicted sex tourist and itinerant head of the Republican party Rush Limbaugh, whose ribald japery has done ever so much to enrich the cognitive landscape of political thought.

According to this malignant genius of the lamp, the recent Specter defection has created a kerfuffle of sorts within certain circles.

Frankly, Mr. Specter's somewhat opportunistic realignment is transparent enough to put into a wooden frame and face it south so the houseplants can grow, and it is unlikely that the American Democratic party will get 'value for money' when one takes more than a cursory glance at Specter's public kabuki vs. his actual voting record...But cheap points are always welcome in some quarters where actual relevance is of minor import.

That said, this sort of fluffy frippery is addlepated even by the usual standards of contrived outrage that our Viagra-poisoned jolly fellow has set.

The very thought of John McCain becoming a member of the opposition party in his country and supporting even one of their core objectives is only matched in ludicrousness by the notion that some within that party would welcome him with open legs...and were this to occur would be the final sign that creeping moral relativism has finally triumphed over the need to maintain the fiction of a consistent ideology in 'those United States'.



Demeur said...

Always dead on Dark. The "No" party has nothing left and I suspect will go the way of the Whigs.

With friends like Specter who needs enemys.

Tengrain said...

Mmmmm, I love the creamy filled center, too.

Excellent essay, DB.



zoe said...

DB - Wow. You are one eloquent guy.Thanks.

Comrade Kevin said...

Whigs. They borrowed that term from them Englies. We don't want nothing to do with no Englies. We threw England out!

darkblack said...

That's no whig - honest, it's his own hair.
Remember the mane!


Unsolved: Mr. E's Blogspot said...

Okay, third attempt at post.

So it's losing its luster.

Excellent on the snarktastic pictography, but I had no idea about smarting them in right up thee arse with the words. Brilliant.

Utah Savage said...

Oh my god that was a cathartic experience for me. I have cleared my tear ducts from laughing. Great rant and very funny comments thread. That's no Whig... honest? Remember the Mane... Hahahaha Next time give him a ponytail for me will you?

darkblack said...

Thank you very much, Mr. E. Pictorial and audio entertainment is usually the norm around here, but I occasionally struggle with non-fiction.
You'd just cut it off in your stylish way, dear Utah.