Thursday, April 02, 2009

I wait for beginnings...She waits for the end

Robert Fripp with Daryl Hall, North Star, 1979.


reddyrooster said...

Wow-- there's a gem... overlooked then and mostly forgotten now. Cleveland Bob and I happen to see Fripp by himself that summer demonstrating "Frippertronics" in the basement of a funky record store in Cleveland Hts. that summer of '79. Sweltering hot night and Fripp bought us all sodas!

I remember thinking at the time what an odd mix of singers: Hall, Gabriel, Peter Hammill, the Roches, but it all worked.

Great post!

Utah Savage said...

Never heard of Fripp but he reminded me for a fleeting moment of the guy who did "Popsicle Toes."

darkblack said...

It could have been all Hall on the mic if the suits hadn't fretted about his career (and their percentage), Reddy - But I rather like the all-over-the-map feel of Exposure myself.
Ooh, Michael Franks, Utah. There's an eclectic career, admirable in its own way.


Cleveland Bob said...

Loved that album! What's doubly odd is that I posted the Gabriel/Fripp version of Here Comes The Flood on LMS just this morning before I visited here.

And Utah, comparing Robert Fripp to Michael Franks deserves some brand of penal hardship. your worst.