Saturday, April 11, 2009

Music among the adorable


Although the conjecture regarding what my viewers and correspondents are looking for when they visit these rocky shores is a somewhat vast topic, one expression that doesn't immediately come to mind is 'cute'.

Yes, yes...I know that seems shocking. But like WMDs under George Bush's persian rug, there just isn't a lot of 'cute' here.


That said, the blogosphere is a somewhat limitless construct in the conceptual sense, and many of those who inhabit it enjoy lighter pursuits as a relief from the tedium of, say, discussing politics or the sex lives of the famous.

One of those is my pal Valley Girl, whom I have known since the bad old days fighting the zombie Republican hordes at FireDogLake, and she has a blog which collates the many and varied expressions of all things feline and cuddly.

Recently, as a minor change of pace, she approached me with an idea - a discussion about music, point/counterpoint between enthusiast and professional, the initial results to be found here.

Not to 'toot my own horn', as it were - my opinions, irrespective of experience and standing are, in the end mere opinions with as much or as little weight as any other- but I rather enjoyed the dialog and hope that you might also, dear reader.



VG said...

Why good morning db! You are a sly devil- ty for a pleasant surprise.

You know I love discussing music with you, and I'm glad some of the education can go public! ;)

Randal Graves said...

Did you dare criticize Liberace? I hope he rises from the grave and forces you to wear his wardrobe!

darkblack said...

You're quite welcome, VG. Looking forward to the next installment.


Ah, Randal, I knew that deep in that dark metal heart of yours lurked a lover of the classics by candelabra, festooned with appropriately splendiferous costumery.


VG said...

db- omigod! that "classics by candlelabra" photo is a hoot! Looks like uh, db fodder fer shure.

And, I resisted saying this before, because, well, joking about WMDs has a really bad history... I mean Bushco... which of course was obscene... and I don't want anyone to think I am making light- not- but

Not all kitties are good kitties. I have a few bad kitty stories, in the category "the cat's revenge" wherein I was "schooled". And the one you showed really does look like a potential WMD, in the kitty sense.